I joined the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy in the summer of 2015 and will start teaching two courses in the Fall: Health Systems II with Jamie Kellar, and a new Master’s level course on Qualitative Research Methods. Stay posted!

I was on Faculty for the Wilson Centre Qualitative Research Atelier in 2014, and Maria Mylopoulos and I were co-directors of the Beginners’ Qualitative Atelier in October 5-8, 2015. Details for the 2016 Atelier can be found here.

I am currently supervising and co-supervising several trainee projects including Arija Birze (PhDc); Michelle DiRisio (PhDc); Ana Claudia Germani, MD/PhD (junior colleague); Olga Kits (PhDc); Patricia J. Leake (PhD student); Gabriela Martinez Malagon (MSc student); Crystal Moneypenny (MSc student); Omar Ali Mustaq (PhDc, UCSF); Umesh Poopalarajah (MSc student); Meagan Rachich (MSc student); Malika Sharma (MA student).

Faculty have also offered their insights about me as a learner. See below.

Teaching at Stanford

I was a teaching assistant on 21 courses during my doctoral studies at Stanford, and have thus gained an extensive undergraduate teaching experience. An exhaustive list can be found on my CV. Students have recognized my teaching skill anonymously through teaching evaluations, but also openly on LinkedIn and via email. The following are direct quotations from students in the Honors Program, in Ethics and Public Policy, and in Sociology of Education.

Honors in Education

“I had the pleasure of working with Elise in my Honors Thesis class. She continually went above and beyond her role as a TA and made herself available to read and review drafts, provide candid and constructive feedback, and also to talk through ideas and issues during the research and writing process. In her feedback she never imposed her own worldview, but made sure that I was comfortable with my own and that my research and writing accurately displayed these ideas in the most unbiased way possible. Additionally, she taught concepts to our class not just in a theoretical way, but using her own work in progress to make everything more tangible . Through these interactions I realized that she was not just a good teaching assistant, but the research she was doing was complex, interesting, and infused with topics that she was passionate about. I honestly wish I had met her many years earlier when I first started thinking about doing research and writing an honors thesis, but I'm thankful that we had the opportunity to work together during my senior year.” - Amber Hampton, Honors Student, 2009 Graduating Class.

“Elise’s incredible expertise, passion, and experience equip her not only in the capacity of serving as a magnificent teaching assistant, but more importantly serve as testaments to her ability to excel and thrive in any field. While a student in the Honors Program in Education, I benefited from Elise’s constant support, mentorship, and guidance. Her profound commitment and dedication for her work and for her students come through in her ability to push students to critically analyze their work, while also meaningfully engaging with students in constant dialogue and feedback. Elise’s extensive knowledge base made her a primary support for all of her students, and her charisma and warmth an honor to work with. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Elise for any position or future endeavor.” - Samantha Astudillo, Honors Student, 2010 Graduating Class.

“As an undergraduate student approaching individual research for the first time, Elise was one of the strongest mentors I encountered during the process of completing my honors thesis work in the sociology of education. Her ability to take large amounts of information and synthesize them into discrete, understandable pieces provided me with a level of clarity unsurpassed in my relationships with any previous university mentors, and always provided actionable steps forward. Her dedication to her students was evident as she consistently provided feedback and pushed my analysis beyond the surface level while constructively sharing her own challenges in her research. Elise's passion for research with meaning, combined with a real desire to see her students learn from one another and to foster and support the research process make her a truly exceptional instructor and mentor.” - Sophie Lambert, Honors Student, 2010 Graduating Class.

“Elise was my TA throughout my honors thesis process at Stanford University. She always made time for her students, offerring to meet in person, skype, or call to help direct the next research steps. She was also incredibly insightful when it came to recommending more sources and theories to study and incorporate. Elise is organized, smart, patient, and kind and working with her was an extremely formative part of my honors research.” - Emily Rains, Honors Student, 2011 Graduating Class.

“Elise was marvelous to say the least. Considering the very broad range of our thesis proposals she was able to provide invalyable support and lead each of us toward really relevant and useful resources.” - Anonymous Student, Fall 2009.

“Elise is an incredible synthesizer of information and knows exactly which questions will help students move forward in their understanding” - Anonymous Student, Fall 2009.

“Elise kept the class and the students together. If not for her, I don't feel that collectively and individually we would have felt as confident and motivated about our theses. I could not have done this without her. Both her warmth as a person and her incredible knowledge have been critical in this process for me” - Anonymous Student, Fall 2009.

Ethics and Public Policy

“Elise not only has a passion for teaching but also for learning that is incredibly infectious. She inspires confidence through her passionate, determined, and hardworking attitude.” - Paul Maler, Ethics and Public Policy Student, Winter 2011.

“To describe Elise as an excellent teacher and phenomenal course assistant would be to narrate the job description of any Stanford teaching assistant. But Elise was much more than that. Rather than simply reiterating the professor and mindlessly recreating the lecture, Elise used innovative approaches to amplify and enhance what would otherwise be banal, dry course material. Her strategic use of roundtable seminars allowed for a diverse discussion while her skills as a mentor and mediator made every discussion intellectually stimulating while sill preserving course relevance, and in the class titled "Ethics in Public Policy" she was unrivaled as an educator. Genius educator or facilitator of of knowledge, either would be more appropriate titles than "TA" for Elise. I'd recommend her to any position that could use an educator of the highest caliber.” - Sean Posada, Ethics and Public Policy Student, Winter 2011.

Suggestions for improvement: “Build a time machine and send me back to every section! Or TA more classes because I feel more Undergrads can benefit.” - Anonymous student, Winter 2011.

“I enjoyed Elise's method for leading discussion. She often posed questions that were both stimulating and interesting to spur on discussion. At the same time, she did not demand complete control over the section discussion. The spontaneity of her discussion-leading style made every section refreshing and effective.” - Anonymous student, Winter 2008.

Sociology of Education

“- straightforward and demonstrates commitment to students' learning by careful comments on papers
- always prepared for section with handouts and clear descriptions of concepts or topics to be discussed
- demonstrates clear passion for the subject as well as willingness to work with students on an individual level
- one of the best section leaders I've had so far.” - Anonymous Student, Fall 2010.

“Elise was one of the first TAs who really held us to a higher standard which was tough but very helpful. I felt more compelled to put more thought into my reflection papers and become a better writer.” - Anonymous Student, Fall 2010.

“Overall, Elise is the best TA I've had at Stanford. She really is a great teacher, and she genuinely cares about learning, which makes her even better at her job” - Anonynmous, Fall 2010.

On Elise as a student...

“I look at Elise Paradis from the opposite perspective: professor to student. As my undergraduate student in Technology and Society, Ms Paradis stood out. She was heavily involved in listening to -- and reacting to -- the lectures, she asked probing questions in the nicest possible way, and she always had her sparkling smile. It is no wonder that I have moved from Ms/Dr Paradis' professor to her friend. I am delighted that she is back in Toronto. The city just got a little bit more vital.” - Barry Wellman, Technology and Society Instructor 2005-6; colleague and friend since.


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